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The Wilding Festival

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On the fourteenth June 1913, 6000 ladies wearing white walked through the boulevards of London to offer their regards to Emily Wilding Davison at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. This young lady lost her life in a sensational demonstration of dissent when she set herself in the way of the King’s stallion to highlight the reason for ladies’ suffrage.

On the 100th commemoration of her groundbreaking remembrance benefit the entryways of St George’s will by and by be opened in her name, for a diverse and provocative program of new craftsmanships and exhibitions. We welcome our group of onlookers to understanding, consider and challenge the reverberation of Emily’s legacy in our cutting edge lives.

Curated by London based expressions aggregate Soundcastle in association with the Museum of London and St George’s Bloomsbury the celebration will display alert and verbose new music, theater, move, expressions execution, joint effort, talk and intergenerational group engagement in this staggering and immersive setting.

Watch this space for more data on the occasions and shows arranged.

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